Emerging from my walk-in closet with a pair of leggings and my leather jacket, I walked to the double door and gently released my silver bow off its locks. I turned it over and brushed my thumb over the golden letters etched into the material: “Stars are blind.” I never understood what it meant, only that there was some dark history behind it that I was never told.

My mind wandered to my dream again. That was the first I had in a couple of months. Why did it happen? Why did it happen to me? Drown? Burn?

I turned to the body-length mirror set against a wall, watching as a scowl crept up my face.

You will be locked……

The raspy hissing spoke again. I squeezed my eyes hard attempting to keep the voice out, but it only seems to get louder, echoing in my mind.

You will be locked… You will be locked…

“Agh!” I shouted and slashed my bow through the glass with all my strength, shattering it to pieces. One bounced onto my combat boots and got stuck. I bent down to pull it out, leaving a little hole in there. I stared at it. It resembled horribly like a serpent bite.

I shook my head, leaving my room. My stomach is growling.

When I got to the kitchen, I was met with a chorus of “morning, Luna” that soon dissolved into cheerful chatter from my pack members.

It’s a new day, I will not mess this up.

Grabbing a bowl and a spoon, I sat on a stool beside Grace.

“Good morning Luna, what’s the plan for today?”

“Morning Grace,” I responded while pouring milk over my cereal, “I’m offering some personal training at the gym today, so whoever wants to join can do so.”

“Can I help you in any way? I don’t think I’ve got much beta duties today.”

I glanced down at my cereal, feeding myself spoons of half-soggy milo. They were still delicious, though.

“Actually, Grace,” I cleared my throat, “I want the border patrol strengthened. I think the guards there are slacking off. Three wild rogues came through just in a month.”

Grace nodded slowly, “yeah, that makes sense, I’ll make sure that we send in a new bunch and give the old ones some time off.”

“Yeah, that would be smart. I could tell that the guards want some vacation time.”

“Cool. I’ll get started working on it with Chase right away.”

“’Kay, thank you.” I smiled gratefully at her. Since problems arose more often now, I hardly have time to give pack members one-on-one training sessions, like I used to. I like those times. They were quality bonding time.

Finishing up my breakfast, I grabbed my water bottle and walked to the gym across the pack grounds. Everywhere, I was greeted with smiles and children laughing merrily as they ran past me, some in wolf form, chasing one another. The market was bustling as it always was, the volleyball and basketball courts occupied with sweaty teenagers. My heart swells with happiness every time I see this: I continued my parents’ legacies; I established a place for happiness to exist.

When I got to the gym, I headed to the reception. “Morning Lucy, who signed up for the first session today?”

The blond girl looked up and a smile broke out. “Morning Luna!” She chirped, “Just give me a second to check… here we go. Ashton is first today, he’ll be here in a few minutes.”

I nodded and thanked her, heading into my private quarter.

I guess this is the part where I explain in what crazy world would children be in ‘wolf forms’, and I have a private quarter. The thing is, werewolves exist, as well as other magical creatures. Here in my pack, the Moonlight pack, we accept all species: werewolves, vampires, witches, fairies, sometimes humans and even demons, as long as they are willing to pledge to the Great Oath. The Great Oath is enchanted with magic, a justice system that protects any pack members that have sworn the Great Oath from going rogue, under the condition that they are loyal to the pack. This enchantment was a promise from the Moon Goddess, a promise that she is looking after the mystical world.

Falling footsteps pulled me from my thoughts as my eyes focused on my best friend since childhood, Ashton.

“Ash! It’s so good to see you!” I stood up to pull Ashton into a hug.

Ash chuckled and patted me on the back. “Same here, I barely got to see you nowadays, now that you’re the big Luna and everything.” He teased.

I laugh and shook my head, stepping into the boxing arena on the side of my quarter. “So, what’s up these days? How’s everyone doing? How’s school? Any cute boys?” I raised my eyebrows at him for the last question.

Ash grinned at me, flashing his pearl teeth. “School’s good, still keeping up. And I did, as a matter of fact.”

“Spill,” I said playfully, warming up for the training. Ashton did the same.

“Nah, I don’t think I will.” His grin grew wider, bouncing on the balls of his feet, moving into a defensive stance, holding his gloved hands near his chin.

“Oh, is that so?” I flashed him an overly sweet smile, also getting into a defensive stance. “We’ll see if you still think the same after I finish beating up your ass.”

“Game on.” Ash smirked.

In the midst of the numbing darkness, something started pulsating with life, something bright, full of energy. Moving closer, a pair of red eyes felt drawn to its immense power, the creature was filled with an insatiable need to consume it all, and so it did. The creature reached out a trembling hand towards the glow, feeling empowered until it got too close, howled in excruciating pain as the light consumed it instead, stripping the creature of its layers, consuming it all, until its very essence was exposed with an angry red glow. Then the light swallowed that as well. A deep and menacing cackle broke out of the now-red light, then recited in a raspy voice,

“One will drown in the river of hearth,

One will alight in the paradise of brave.

The last immersion in Hell and return,

Just to be locked in the Bane’s Cave.

When in death, the world is,

Rise, shall a new age begin.”

“Master.” Another pair of red eyes suddenly appeared. With it, a howling high-pitched voice asked, “are you sure that it did not make mistakes? Because from my prediction-”

“Silence!” The raspy voice cut through, its light pulsing with blood-red anger, “you dare doubt my prophecy? I will pretend that I did not hear you. Do not make me punish you for the same mistake!”

“Yes, master.”

“Now return to your position. The prophecy will take time to develop.”

The howling voice hissed lowly, then it was gone along with the red eyes.

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